Monday, December 20, 2010

Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain Made a fantastic Moment-Just see it!

Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain Engagement

Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain - We’d like to say congratulation to Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain which have announced their engagement ceremony. It was reported that the Nestle country star and executive also announced this Frederic Thiebaud and Shania’s engagement that’s what the CMT reported. The US MAGAZINE will also publish this moment in one of their cover story which will be released next Tuesday.
Shania Twain seems happy after this engagement. The relationship between Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain was begun after Twain divorced her husband “Mutt” Lange (her husband for 14 years) who is her own producer. Frederic Thiebaud is a Swiss Nestle executive, as Shania confirmed. Allegedly, “Mutt” Lang had an affair to Marie-Anne, Thiebaud’s sister. They started their romance after they got vacationing together in Canada, New York City and Florida, reported.

Whatever happened to this couple, the most important is they get happiness. "I've never seen Shania so happy," Shania’s friend said.
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