The Best Friend

Siapakah Sahabat sejati itu?

Makna sahabat

Tahukah Anda sesungguhnya hidup ini akan menjadi sangat hampa tanpa kehadiran seorang teman atau sahabat. kita akan merasa dunia ini kosong walaupun sebenarnya banyak orang di sekitar kita. Alangkah menyedihkannya hidup seseorang yang tertutup tanpa kehadiran seorang sahabat

Siapakah sahabat sejati?

Sahabat sejati itu adalah ia yang selalu menemani kita baik dalam keadaan suka maupun duka. Seseorang yang tak pernah pandang bulu atau melihat background status sosial kita adalah sahabat sejati bagi kita. Jika Anda sudah merasa dekat dengan orang seperti itu beruntunglah Anda.

Selektif dalam memilih teman

Kadang kita merasa bahwa dengan menganggap semua orang yang kita kenal sebagai teman atau sahabat akan menjadikannya sebagai teman. Namun kenyataan membuktikan bahwa tidak semua orang bisa kita jadikan sahabat. Bahkan bisa jadi orang yang kita anggap sebagai teman malah menjadi musuh bagi kita. So, kita harus berhati-hati.

Apresiasi terhadap jasa teman itu penting

Satu hal yang sering dilupakan orang setelah ditolong oleh seorang sahabat adalah menyepelekan kata "TERIMA KASIH". Padahal itu sangat penting. Jika Anda ingin hubungan Anda dengan sahabat Anda menjadi langgeng jangan lupa untuk memberikan apresiasi terhadap pertolongan yang diberikan seorang sahabat. Ya...minimal mengucapkan terima kasih. Dan satu hal yang tidak kalah penting jangan pernah melupakan jasa-jasanya kepada Anda. Maka hubungasn Anda dengannya InsyaAllah langgeng.

2009 is my first time in online business

My First Step in Internet Marketing

My name is M.K.A Recently I am a student of Jember University. This year, May 2009, is my first step to do online business. Actually I was interested to do this since long time ago but I was confuse about how to do it. While I don’t understand what kind of online business has good prospect either. It was so complicated. I often subscribed free e-books of online business trick, but they were uncompleted. I was still blank about this business. How to do that? What should I do to get dollar from internet?

One day I searched on internet. At that time I read a pre sell of e-book from It’s owned by Haryo prabowo, He told on his pre sell that he got Thousands dollars from internet business. His e-book is written about kinds of online business he’s done till today. He Shares the Tricks and steps to do that. I was interested and bought it. After reading that e-book I was shock that online business is very simple to do. I believed I could do that too. Since that night I was dedicated myself to be an online business. I want to get dollars from internet.

First Step Seems so Funny

At the First time in doing the business online, PTC or “Paid to Click” is my first favorite. I registered many kinds of PTC websites. Click by click, I do that everyday. While seriously in PTC, I blogged. I tried to write steps of my business online. I greet many friends and invite them to visit my blog so that my traffic increased. Till I visit a fried’s blog… His Blog explained about PTC, but it’s not about all PTC in common. It’s about PTC which was supposed as SCAM PTC. He said on his blog SCAM PTC give non logic revenue to it’s member. And I thought my PTCs did it too. "Ha..ha.. they were SCAM..". I was down…

But I never felt desperate. I kept optimistic. Today I still do this online business. I do Website Paid Review, Ciao (product review) and still some PTCs, but no SCAM anymore. I wan to rise my job of this business online. I want to be a super affiliate. I want to get hundreds even thousands dollars from internet, that is my desire. I want to spend more time on internet that’s my dedication.

I believe not only me want to be like that super affiliate, people want to be. So that I hope I could make a nice relationship with many others online businessman or businesswomen. I like to greet many bloggers and share experience each others. That’s so nice…

Come on, let’s be friends and get dollars from internet together…

Thank You

M. K. A